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Miss Earth Northern Marianas 2019 - Leisha Deleon Guerrero

Hafa Adai and Tirow!
I am Leisha Deleon Guerrero, 19 years old, representing the beautiful village of DanDan!
After graduating a year early from high school, I decided to begin my academic journey at the Northern Marianas College as a full time student. I believe that pursuing a higher education sooner than later would lead me to achieve my career goal of becoming a veterinarian. I myself have worked with animal healthcare organizations, and along side local veterinarians. Where I learned that we share this earth with animals, and they are a part our livelihood and environment. Because of this, my ambition is to one day return home after my studies and open a animal clinic of my own.
On my spare time I delight in volunteering iin the animal healthcare community, school activities, and church programs where I better connect with others and give back as much I can. I also take interest in expressing my creativity through painting and crafts. In addition I enjoy paddling and hiking with friends or family, thus appreciating the culture and beauty of our Marianas.
My advocacy focuses on the environmental impact that future military plans will have on our islands, as well as the conservation of our waters through the eco tourism, the preservation of marine life, and education. I have connected with local advocates such as those from the alternative zero coalition, and Have started spreading awareness through the use of my reusable straws and wraps. I stand for such issues because our islands are our homes, and the marianas contains a beauty that the world comes to see. the local people have such a sacred connection to the land and ocean because of this I believe that the beauty of the marianas is a treasure of its own. we must work hand in hand to preserve its beauty, and I believe that spreading awareness is a key part of this, and that it all starts with us. I am not anti of any sort, but I am for the protection of our land, air, and seas. Not only for us now but to share with future generations.
I decided to take part in this year’s pageant, because it is not simply a beauty pageant, but it is a pageant serving a purpose. Being a part of this journey has given me the opportunity to represent where I come from and give back to my community. It has also given me a platform and a voice to speak out about matters that I hold close to my heart.
to stay focused I reflect on a verse “For I know the plans I have for you, declared the lord, plans to prosper you not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future” -Jeremiah 29:11 My faith is my anchor, it has helped me greatly with my relationship with God. Furthermore it has transformed me to the woman I am today.